The Gingerbread Man

Mar 9

Food Friday, Birthday Edition:

It may have been the eve of my birthday but Friday was still a uni day so began like normal, with slightly over-microwaved porridge:

'Lunch' was a case of me not wanting to make myself lunch so instead making a load of snacks. This included grapes, cheese, carrots and houmous, almonds and an apple:

When I came home I started working on writing up the day’s lectures and rewarded my efforts by eating my remaining chocolate (about 2/5 of the bar):

Dinner was another lazy affair and was bought when I went to buy drinks for the night out. It consisted of an egg sandwich and some St. Agur dippers:

We then had drinks and some crisps as snacks before going out:

I drank a few more drinks at the club but that was after midnight so doesn’t count as Food Friday!