The Gingerbread Man

Feb 8

Food Friday:

So this week I’ve been measuring my macros. It’s been interesting but it really tiresome - I can’t believe I used to do this all the time!

Breakfast - porridge (smaller than usual because I ran out of the oats, and had a new box but they were a different brand and I would have had to measure them separately because I’m counting macros… boring stuff really. That and weighing lunch each morning made me run seriously late):

Next up it was a snack between lectures of cheese, an apple and almonds:

Lunch was a salad with almond oil, lettuce, celery, carrot, claytonia, tuna and mayonnaise: 

Then we had a dissection where we were given chocolate for filling out a girl’s survey for her masters degree which I ate after cycling home (having been ‘hit’ by a car - nudged really, I didn’t even come off - and been blamed by the driver despite being on the left of the lane and wearing high viz ):

Next I had second lunch which consisted of a 4-egg scramble with ketchup. You are going to have to imagine this as I forgot to take a picture. It was followed by Greek yoghurt and pomegranate seeds:

Lastly was beef casserole for dinner which I also forgot to take a picture of, that and some licks of fudge stuck to the saucepan (Sedona made fudge and Amy and I ‘helped’).